scott mosherSCOTT MOSHER (Guitars, bass, keyboards, programming)

Scott Mosher has been an independent self-financed musician for over 20 years, a professional graphic artist since 1997, and an allroundniceguy his entire life. Lest you think this compromises his creative ethos, you would be sorely mistaken and forthwidth, your library card will be revoked.

In his creative exploits, Mr. Mosher employs a combination of elements, techniques and influences that pulls inspiration from the past yet looks forward to the future. The end result is an evocative mix of sometimes disparate musical genres and artistic motivation into an invigorating, dramatic whole. One could use the term experimental but his vision remains dynamic, progressive and modern. His first CD, AMBIENT EARTH, was independently issued in 2001 with no warning and to no critical acclaim. The combination of new age music and soundtrack-inspired electronic rock would set the foundation for the musical direction he would take on future CD releases. Musically, his career began at this point. Creatively, there was nowhere to go but forward.

Beginning with his second CD, VIRTUALITY (2001) he made the stylistic jump to a vocal-oriented new age-inspired heavy metal sound, with vocalist Todd Corsa coming aboard the musical ship and lending his melodic voice to the project. With an authentic musical style taking shape, Scott continued to evolve and expand upon the hybrid of progressive metal and ambient soundscapes with the release of INFERNO in 2004. DEEP HORIZON arrived on these shores in 2006 featuring powerhouse vocalist Scott Oliva , who replaced Todd Corsa after Todd suffered a creative setback due to a tragic Argentinian blimp accident. Subsequently, the Oceans of Night band was formed, and under Mr. Mosher's musical direction, their first CD (and Mr. Mosher's fifth) THE SHADOWHEART MIRROR, was issued in the summer of 2009. DOMAIN was released in 201, followed by MIDNIGHT RISING in 2014, and continues on the musical path previously established on past releases.

The secret to the Oceans of Night sound? Take 20 lbs. of crushing heavy metal, 10 lbs. of guitar-driven hard rock, a progressive approach to rhythmic meter and song composition, mix with 32 oz. of ambient/trance music, ad a dash of electronic new age, and a dose of pop music sensibility... shake, stir, and imbibe.

With all of his artistic endeavors, and self-financed and independently published projects (including his industrial photography book, Monuments of Chaos and his 2-volume nature photography book, The View to There.) Scott continues to carve a path for himself regardless of stylistic boundaries, constraints and more fortuitiously, music industry support. Although he has never appeared on the Arsenio Hall Show, won a Grammy Award, graced the cover of ROLLING STONE magazine or been involved in a corporate embezzlement schemes, Scott continues to ply his trade with determination and a great set of Ginzu knives. For all the emphasis placed upon his art as a hybrid of styles, ideals and emotions, his music stands as a personal artistic statement - yet fits all head sizes He also owns and operates the creative mothership, Ambient Design Studio.


scott mosherSCOTT OLIVA (Lead and harmony vocals)

Born in 1892 the son of a blacksmith, Scott spent much of his early years roaming the open land playing with the horses and cattle on his uncle Remous's farm. Even earlier than that while still in soiled diapers the youg boy would run around the cabin screaming like a banshee and oddly enough in tune with whatever had been on musically in the background. Mostly his Grandma"s Jug and older Sisters's harp.

The Oliva family had been filled with music lovers. Dying to break out of the one Horse (well 2 and a half, Grampa Ned didnt have the heart to put ole Clara down when she lost her 2 back legs in a strange twist of fate,so he made a makeshift wooden wheelbarrel so she could live out the rest of her horse dayz.God bless grampa Ned. Rest his soul as well.) Scott always knew he had some talent besides winning the yearly wistle while you fart contests the locals would hold. "I came in second every year,cept one and thats when old Twichy (real name Jacob knot) decided not to show up cause he was down to only one pair of clean underwear that week. So I came in first and knew there had to be a bigger plan in store for me. After taking a couple of singing lessons from Miss poly petunia the towns one and only piano teacher Scott realized he had something special. A voice...

Speaking of voices, Mr. Oliva has one of the most powerful and distinguished voices in the independent metal scene, and his discography of recorded music and band appearances, is prolific and telling. Starting his impressive musical career in local Long Islang progressive metal legends, Inner Strength, Mr. Oliva has also worked consistently and persistently with Wind Wraith, Driven, and most recently, The Nightmare Stage - yet another powerful and provocative gothic metal band with strong Long Island roots, and a killer CD, FREE ADMISSION FOR THE DAMNED - released in 2010. They continue to work on new music for a new CD in 2012. Scott's other longtime (and perhaps, infamous) vocal gig is as vocalist for NY-based Iron Maiden tribute band, Live After Death. When it comes to Mr. Oliva's vocal talents - Prepare yourselves!


ALAN SMITHEE (Drums and percussion)

Say hello to the Talented Mr. Smithee... We would tell you more about the musical enigma that is Smithee but then we'd have to kill you.


VIVIEN LALU (Surgically-placed keyboard solos)
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CHRIS RIFKIN (Strategically-placed guitar solos)
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STEPHANIE WARREN (Conveniently-placed vocals)
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