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Zwaren Metal Site (January 2013)

The Uber sympathetic Scott Mosher sent us from America on the album Oceans of Night. The man is constantly working with music and puts his heart and soul into it as actually the norm should be. This Oceans of Night looked me unfortunately just another mediocre picture from. In terms of case I think there is still so on, content is fortunately a stronger level. They brought it out myself first and now under a "private label". My genre is not, however, this spacey, progressive (heavy) metal thing with melodramatic twists, an industrial-sounding drum and long seven-part opening track (17 minutes) with a storyline where your gray matter actively to try to keep. I do not like the introspective lyrics about the past, about thoughts and feelings about life changes that are then extrapolated to the universe and metaphysical states. I do, however, the voltage arcs Oceans of Night develops. Old school heavy metal compositions, elongated with progressive elements, trance pieces and not always show solid - vibrating - vocals (lines). This would not look out of place on a label as InsideOut Music, methinks. I'll never play this CD, that's for sure. And yet ... for fans of the "genre" is this a real winner. Progressive old school heavy metal, very musical, many heavy vibes and a bridge between what is out there and in here. If the shoe fits ..

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