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What is your first memory of music – whether just music around that you didn’t pay attention to or something that really grabbed your interest?
Music was fairly present in my house growing up. Granted this was the 70's and early 80's (my formative years) so there was a wide range of music from hard rock to pop to disco (!!!) through easy listening, big band and jazz. No techno though... :) I can distinctly remember the first record (yes, record) I ever owned: Billy Joel - Glass Houses. The first records I actually PURCHASED? Sure, I can certainly remember those 3 too - Black Sabbath - Mob Rules, Aldo Nova - Subject and Loverboy - Get Lucky. Still love those 3 records to this day as well. I also started my 'career' as a musician in my early tweens, starting with the trumpet, on to the drums and ending up with the 6-string. Once the 80's rolled around, I was a music enthusiast - metal in particular, and haven't looked back since, though I certainly have 'listened' back. :)

Do you remember what kind of music was around you when you were a kid? And how did you feel about that music then versus now?
As I mentioned above, there was a fairly wide range of music in my house growing up, from hard rock to pop to disco (!!!) through easy listening, big band and jazz. STILL No techno though... :) It was good music (yes, even the disco) and I still enjoy (most) of it. I have fond memories and those don't escape me. Certain songs and musicians/songwriters bring me back to those days when I hear them on the radio or broadcast somewhere out there in the world (Billy Joel, Donna Summer, The BeeGees, Barry Manilow, Queen) even if I'm not necessarily and avid listener of their music any more. I guess that happens more by diffusion and a personal connection to a specific time in one's life, especially when discovering music is such an important base of one's own personal growth.

Was there a band or a song or type of music that drove you to start buying music? If so, who or what was it and what did you find so compelling about it?
Those first 3 records I actually purchased with my own money were certainly the catalyst, along with the radio (which was actually worth something back in the early 80's), to spur my growing interest (and soon to be an obsession) into music. I was definitely an 80's metalhead (and kind of still am.) Those were good days and I can reminisce fondly, as long as I am not forced to look at old photos of myself and my hair from that era - but then again, EVERYONE who grew up in the 80's can say that. Haha!

You could also answer the same questions about the music that inspired you to become a musician?
Being an avid music listener definitely triggered my advances into becoming a musician and the connection was certainly made early on. I might've 'fell' into it a bit, but I definitely felt (and still do feel) a certain aptitude and genetic predisposition for music on a performance and creative level. That interest was activated early on and my interest in music of all genres was (and still is) an asset.

Since then have any particular musical moments (a new album, a new song, a concert you saw) really inspired you and made you “fall in love” with music all over again? If so, can you talk about that?
I never ever fell out of love with music and I can't imagine I ever would. It's like a family member, it's always 'been there'. I'm not a music obsessive, but I have music on in my life - literally - at almost all times and, as further proof of this and my love of music, I'm finishing up the music for my 7th CD as I type this, so I guess you could say, while my tastes have evolved, certainly my love for music has not.


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