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Midnight Rising, Oceans Of Night's fourth album, is refreshingly timeless, retrospective of the sounds of ELP, Yes, Uriah Heep, et al. A splendid blend of rock and trippy' ambience, along with a beautiful golden thread of synthesizer tying it all together. The guitar rifts are magnificent and reminiscent of some of the biggest names in rock (did I hear hints of David Gilmour?). Scott Mosher gives a perfectly executed performance throughout the album, leaving no doubt to his incredible talent. Mosher does a fine job of coming to the front with a wall of sound that never overpowers the pitch-perfect surreal vocals of Scott Olivia. To maximize the adventure of this rock/electronic/ambient/ethereal journey is the driving rhythms of Alan Smithee on drums and percussion. As a writer/lyricist, I listen to the words and the way they are expressed within the melody and emphasized within the harmonies. As the author of their own stories, these musician/lyricists let go of conventional school-book rhymes and paint the canvas of the cerebral cortex with colorful metaphors and subliminal textures. I am excited about this band. I look forward to hearing more from them and highly recommend sitting down and losing yourself in midnight’s rising. -Teresa Clayton


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