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"MIDNIGHT RISING" is the third release from OCEANS OF NIGHT. The band plays a very Progressive & Technical style of Rock / Metal music. Scott Mosher has been creating his music and spreading his musical talents for over twenty years now and after one listen to this release it doesn't seem like he's going to stop any time soon. OCEANS OF NIGHT has a bit of a European Progressive Metal sound mixed with a '70's style Prog Rock and it all comes together with Technical Metal inter mixed all through out. The music also has a some what space like ambient vibe to it that kind of is trippy in ways. You don't really listen to his music, you get engulfed in it and experience it. I love how he combined the styles, but then will lean more towards one more in certain parts. I have been reviewing Scott's stuff for years and he just gets more precise and advanced with each new offering. His musical talents are beyond many and I mean many of the musicians in the Rock and Metal world today. I find it hard to believe that some major label has not snagged him up and signed him. I know a lot of true die hard Metal fans already know of him, but he deserves much more exposure and attention than he gets. Everyone should have at least one of their albums in their collection, if not all of them. Truly a musical genius!


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