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OCEANS OF NIGHT is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Scott Mosher who started as solo artist in the mid-Nineties with 4 albums under his belt, then in 2005 founded Oceans Of Night together with Scott Oliva (vocals) with Alan Smithee on drums. "Midnight Rising" is their just released third effort, described by themselves as 'bridges the worlds of progressive metal, melodic hard rock and atmospheric, ambient music'. I agree, and resulted in a quite fantastic blend if you ask me.

Oceans Of Night / "Midnight Rising" are pretty unique and that is no mean feat in this time. In fact, I can't stop listening to it. They’ve created something that kept me away from many other discs. Heck! I have to say that whenever I wanted to start writing, their music made my mind drift someplace and wander there for hours at a time. To introduce the conspirators - we have Scott Mosher on guitar, bass and keyboards (composed, arranged, performed and recorded), Scott Oliva on vocals, and Alan Smithee on drums and percussion. If I had to mention some names to point you in a direction of what kind of music we deal with here, I would have to say that if you combine guitar work and atmosphere of '80s Pink Floyd, progressive technicality of Porcupine Tree with guitar power of Dream Theater, you would have some of the ingredients. But Oceans Of Night, as said, are unique.

Scott Mosher found a perfect way to take all the right elements from those bands and balance it all with the addition of his own progressive twist on modern prog metal. All of the bands mentioned above got us used to recording being sharp, innovative and clear, Oceans Of Night is no different. The guitar sound on this record is awesome and futuristic; bass rhythmically hammering melodies, drumming is a heartbeat of an adventure, vocal spellbinding and narrating the venture, and keyboards being in the spotlight, leading the way or complimenting the guitars.

The keyboard plays a humongous role on this album, and combined with the other instruments and vocals they create an unbelievable atmosphere and an emotion that just takes you away into someplace in your mind. You can say the guitar is the engine, keys is the fuel and combined together they are the vehicle that can take you away on the ride. It feels like hypnotizing voice of Scott Oliva (which at places reminds me a bit of Zak Stevens from Savatage and Circle II Circle, so rest assured that is a voice to love) is being a catalyst that gets you going on a long trip with drums and bass creating a rumble of machinery that takes you there. Every time I listened to this album I felt like I’m going someplace, like I’m leaving my place to experience something new and unexpected. Every time I said to myself to stay put, I had an idea of how to write about it but as soon as the album starts and before I had a chance to start writing - I was already on a journey.

Perhaps the word that better describes "Midnight Rising" is hypnotizing. Even with the notes I’ve made there isn’t much more I can say to introduce or interest you in this superb piece of music by Oceans Of Night. Get the album and give it a try, but understand that there are two things that can happen. If you can turn your imagination off the album will be full of gripping guitar work, dazzling solos, captivating vocals, exciting bass lines and genuine drumming. But if you can keep it on, if you can sit down and let it, it will be inspiring, fascinating, and stimulating and will grab you from the start. I feel like I’ve traveled many places, discovered great many things, seen past or future, journeyed universes and beyond many times over, and here is what I have to say: it is time for you to experience it. Super, Highly Recommended.


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