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This is the third effort from Progressive band Oceans Of Night. ‘Midnight Rising’ delivers a fullness of sound, embracing the essence of experimental explorations of Ambient and Progressive elements seated firmly in a Rock expression! The captain of this musical entity is one Scott Mosher (guitar, keyboards and bass) and the unique and powerful vocals you can hear are from Scott Oliva; both these gents are the driving force of OON. They are both very accomplished in the independent Metal/Progressive music scenes and have recorded with other heavyweight groups; both men are also no stranger to the live scene as well. They came upon each other back in 2006 and began experimenting together, Mosher bringing in the Ambient and Progressive waves with Oliva contributing the harder edged, Metallic and Rock expressions. OON was soon launched and now offer a full bodied musical statement. Often throughout this release, you can hear some very “Floydian” currents, blended with what one could relate to as early Genesis. However, this is not direct copying or plagiarism, just heavy influences balanced perfectly with the two men’s own writings and musical journeys. The ten individual musical rivers do combine into an ocean of sound. Yet, you can explore each one on its own or become completely immersed in the whole, as this album’s main property is one of total immersion. You can be carried away upon wave after wave of beautifully blended music—from the most delicate passages to the more aggressive expressions – and it is all done so effortlessly! Although the core of the group is the two Scotts, they are joined by musical friends Alan Smithee on drums and percussion, Vivien Lalu on keyboards, Stephanie Warren on vocals and guitarist Chris Rifkin. The result is a cohesive, excellently executed performance that will hold your attention tenfold. Melodic, yet strong – ‘...Rising’ will leave you with wanting more. A recorded work that just lands under the term “epic”!! It is almost Symphonic in places and this record must be listened to very seriously. I would say that upon every listen, one will find something they did not know was there before – showing us the depth that Oceans Of Night are capable of creating. ‘Midnight Rising’ is a sonic feast – one that should be indulged upon time and time again! - Bruce E.J. Atkinson


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