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An hour where the production-related screwed least a button, and it looked way better songs than previous discs. Mosher brew of prog metal, melodic hardrock and ambiente exclusions are further processed here and now Ocean Of Nights a sound that differs somewhat from the crowd. Musical often grandiose, definitely ambient and small theatrical. There is also a reasonably nice weighting between mørkladene and more bright and warm, and between aggressiveness and the more subdued. The refrains have never been more melodic than now, without largely become sticky because of it. Guitar lines are often vague but also at times barbs so it holds. Miscellaneous tangents carpet adds soundstage and it is sometimes joyous, but ever so it'll probably be much to our liking. Our taste is located really just exactly where Ocean Of Nights operates string all, but we know the band earlier albums so well that we can safely say that "Midnight Rising" is Americans' best so far. Administration "Midnight Rising" is bronze winner in the musical portfolio and Ocean Of Nights became in 2006 while debut "The Shadow Heart Mirror" came out in 2009. Scott Oliva has a great and flexible vocal and band's new drummer Alan Smithlee think we do a good job. Just listen drumming on "The Burning Sky 'ye know what we think. The song also offers a Scott Oliva in great shape and layers of keyboards and guitars and shows that Ocean Of Nights can create epic songs, but also that they are dangerously close power metal genre at times! We can control our enthusiasm for. Epic is also the brooding "Gone Forever", but "non nonsense" rock with charm and warmth, but the song pulls out and does not end in time, and consequently it becomes too long. For radio-friendly commercial seems we "This Is Who We Are", while "Wherever You Are is the other end of the scale and on the verge of a progressive kjempelåt. The song has exciting kordprogresjon and gorgeous details and Scott Oliva gives us evidence that he actually manages to sing in the upper voice register. Snap Full of "power" is it that sometimes brutal "A World Born Of Fire" with all its fat riffs and thunderous drumming. "Midnight Rising" is mentioned their best so far, and it sounds at times really well and fans get their and really more to we will believe. We are a little hesitant album as it too often is something amiss in our ears, but it probably has something with taste and not least perception.


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