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'Midnight Rising' is the third album Oceans Of Night 'd since their inception in 2007, and the least we can say is that the first two did not receive a warm welcome in our pages. Indeed, the American trio led by Scott Mosher evolves in a progressive metal unoriginal from his first two albums. From the first notes, powerful riffs and layers of keyboards inevitably remind LaBrie band, with much less personality. Thereafter, things are improving and there is a resurgence of consistency from previous productions.

Thus, a significant effort is made to research and melodic themes such as "Midnight Rising", "Gone Forever" or "Burning Sky" are worked.Unfortunately, there are many repetitions, particularly on longer tracks that do not offer enough variations eloquent to generate renewed interest.And the result is the same throughout the album. The severe lack of originality is the Achilles heel of American combo. Electro arrangement of "Midnight Rising" or "A World Of Fire" is not enough to raise all these parts since even though many felt repetitive and often poorly integrated with the rest of the title.

The end of the album is very good with the instrumental "A World Of Fire" and "Wherever You Are" with a pleasant interlude, always in a mid-tempo register in which the group revels without being able to extirpate . The musicians do not shine no more for their originality as hardly bring intensity in their game, like the singer who want to make too much of Geoff Tate (Queensrÿche) forget the fundamentals, which are authentic and emotion.

One more album and a bunch more in a prog metal landscape in which to succeed at the game now passes by an outsized personality and a strong talent. Amid current outstanding outings in the same register (Threshold, Evergrey), Midnight Rising will this much trouble to make their way up to your turntables despite a desire to do well evident.


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