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Oceans Of Night is a U.S. progressive metal band that has just put out their third studio album Midnight Rising. The thing that truly sets this band apart from most of the melodic progressive metal bands around is definitely their distinctive theatrical feel that adds something personal and unique to the music along with the stories and concept behind the songs. The project is primarily the output of talented composer and multi-instrumentalist Scott Mosher, the mastermind behind the project, as well as being the bassist, guitarist and keyboardist. His efforts are brilliantly complemented by the performance of talented vocalist Scott Oliva who doesn’t fail to impress with his incredible versatility. Oliva’s vocal style somehow complements Mosher in a very compelling way. The two “Scotts” appear to enjoy an alchemy not unlike the relationships between other singer-guitarists duos such as Cedric Bixler and Omar Rodriguez Lopez (The Mars Volta) although their musical coordinates are quite different from those guys!

To Mosher’s credit, his melodic arrangements are really detailed and very well-executed. Being in a band and having “many brains inside the room” might be a good thing if good ideas collide, but in some cases it might also represent a clash of styles. Being able to handle guitars, bass and keyboards by himself, Mosher managed to shape the music of Oceans of Night with multi-layered and well-structured arrangements that are never overwhelming. Each instrument has its own space, without overpowering the other elements within the mix. Oliva’s passionate and eloquent vocals add the right emotional context to the music, at times driving it fiercely, at others sitting in the background and letting the fantastic guitar work do most of the talking.

Because of the excellent alchemy between the vocals and the instruments this album is texture-rich and diverse, offering bursts of energy and aggression as well as more introspective and reflective numbers. If you enjoy genre-twisting progressive melodic metal in the style of groups such as Winter Of Life or Novembre, Oceans of Night should be right up your alley! You can hear the whole album via the Spotify playlist below and, if enjoy the music and want to further support the band, you can purchase a copy via the link, also below.

Rating 8.5/10 - review by Andrea Caccese


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