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Time flies, and California multi-instrumentalist Scott Mosher is still having fun with studio project Oceans of Night. This is his third release under that moniker and seventh overall since 1996. The line-up once again features Mosher (guitar/bass/keyboards) and veteran New York metal vocalist Scott Oliva, with guests contributing on drums, keyboards, guitars and female lead vocals.

Little has changed as Midnight Rising falls firmly in line with prior outings. This includes the now-familiar base formula of galloping rhythms, chunky guitar riffiery, and Oliva's strident warbling (think Geoff Tate and Bruce Dickinson.) Separating Oceans of Night from the pack: arrangements brimming with spacey electronic accents, soaring synth leads and atmospheric (occasionally ambient) symphonic soundscapes.

Lyrics offer little beyond justification for Oliva's presence (re: standard laments about war, ecological disaster, lost love, despairing self-doubt, etc.) Midnight Rising shines brightest when Mosher's texturally nuanced instrumental passages dominate. That makes instrumental tracks 'Critical Mass/The Breathless Sleep' and 'A World Born In Fire' worth seeking out, along with longer pieces 'The Burning Sky', 'Gone Forever' and 'Wherever You Are' - all in the 8-to-10 minute range. As always, colorfully attractive album art helps set the tone.

12.5 - John Collinge


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