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The last time I informed you about Oceans Of Night I was not really very positive. That is, if I re-read my review, I'd become a musician still in a small dip. Not that my opinion on a picture doing the whole music world rocked to its foundations, but I was not the only one in the prog rock and metal world that was not overly cheerful Domain , and as former colleagues Casper Middelkamp though not The Shadow Heart Mirror. The album "Deep Horizon" has had a quiet debut in 2006, it is not a whole lot can be found on the internet.

Encourage it is therefore like a band of his own accord a physical copy of the latest CD and send it to us again wonders in our opinion. And you'd think mastermind Scott Mosher has also learned from the past; he seems to have hired a real drummer, judging by the line-up on the promo card.But this reviewer is not so fool, because it 'living' drum sound is in fact not really hear, especially if you are better analyze the mix. Also on the website is the band very mysterious about this Alan Smithee, so I think the two musicians a few naughty rascals, and adhere to fool with a drum machine that has been given a name.

Still, the band mainly of guitarist Scott Mosher and keyboardist and vocalist Scott Olivia. This time the duo has invited a few guest musicians, including singer Stephanie Warren who featured in the valve Reach Me. The musical ideas come exclusively from the first mentioned Scott and the second appears to be traditional and dutiful again hired as his vocals on this album can only mediocre tempt me. Do not get me wrong, Olivia has potentially much talent and still a hard rock voice that you say against you. This time there is only little inspiration in his singing sounds although technically all fine care of. The music is actually not much different than the first three albums, it's still bombastic and especially the computer keys and fill the guitars with their lush atmospheres to.

Anyway, the music after three years than probably evolved into something beautiful? The men are in any case generous with their offerings in playing time. The CD sounds an hour of music where you have to keep in any case. The ambiente, atmospheric and sometimes rocking guitar songs of Scott and Scott are unfortunately not very varied. If you've heard the first song, you know like the middle and the last. Here and there you even hear a fine solo and spherical buttons, but you can never catch me on a open mouth of admiration. This will never produce the breakthrough Scott Mosher dreams.


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