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Oceans Of Night is a project started by multi-instrumentalist Scott Mosher. The Shadowheart was the band's first album released in 2009. Midnight Rising is their third album. Joining Mosher (guitar, bass, keyboards) is Scott Olivia (vocals). There are a few guests as well adding vocals, guitars and keyboards on various tracks. Mosher also has four solo albums to his credit.

The project bills itself as 'ambient metal' which is as good a description as any. The band's sound is an amalgamation of progressive metal, rock and atmospheric moodier sounds. The guitar work, both rhythmically and lead, is excellent throughout with keyboards used for added texture as well as a few excellent solos. The music is a little dark but not overtly so and the melodies are strong throughout. Olivia has a powerful voice with a decent range and does a great job injecting the necessary amount of emotion when required.

Right off the bat the band deliver the goods with "The Haunted Mind" and its mood laden backdrop of atmospheric keys and chugging guitar riffs. The metal goodness continues with the melodic title track highlighted by an outstanding keyboard solo. "Critical Mass/The Breathless Sleep" starts with voice and helicopter samples with the keys and guitar riff building gradually. The keyboard drenched soundscape has a bit of a Floyd feel. The music is dramatic yet subdued, much like the rest of the album with its lighter and darker shades of colour. One of my favourite pieces is "The Burning Sky" where Olivia delivers one of his best performances on the disc. I also love the alternating heavy and light sections as well as the splendid keyboard arrangement. One of the heaviest tracks is the metallic "Crashing Down" and it is here Olivia really belts it out reaching into some pretty high registers and generally showing his versatility as a vocalist. Another great track is the ten minute "Gone Forever" featuring some of the most memorable riffs on the disc and more stellar guitar/keyboard parts.

With Midnight Rising Mosher and company have crafted an excellent metal album that should appeal to fans across the progressive rock/metal genre. This is without a doubt the best I have heard from him so far.


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