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Who wants to experience one of the most brilliant singers of the history of heavy metal on a new album , will not be able to avoid the work of OCEANS OF NIGHT . Here sings , even when the band solo project Scott Mosher was the great Scott Oliva . Known primarily for his work on the masterpieces of INNERSTRENGTH and LAST VISION BLACK , he let his voice also at WIND WRAITH , DERANGED and many other sound.

With ` The Haunted Mind' starts the album , as hoped , with a song , while supported and backed by keyboards, but the causes vocally deeply INNER STRENGTHige tears of joy . And so the keyboard is not too bombastic sound , OCEANS OF NIGHT have finally written Ambient Prog - Metal on the flag could ( LALU ) are obtained for the operation of the keys even for some songs Vivien Lalu . With sounds like best electronics days a la Tangerine Dream begins ` Midnight Rising . However, these are immediately replaced by the guitars, while Oliva partly a slightly lower pitch than usual preferred here.

Two long instrumentals , the group has also 'Critical with Mass / The Breathless Sleep' , wherein the keys beam here in the second part of the song the listener into space , and offer the very heavy therefore coming 'A World Born Of Fire' . But the two epic songs - ` The Burning Sky` , the music further and further screwed in divine heights and the rather worn ` Gone Forever` - delight far more . ' Crashing Down' grabs the listener immediately by the hair , while Oliva particularly beautiful his golden vocal cords used in 'Wherever You Are' . To conclude, there still listen to the singing of a cute Stephanie Warren bonus track ( ` Reach Me).

The album was again by Joey Vera ( ARMORED SAINT , FATES WARNING) mixed and mastered and presented a totally unique sound that sounds neither modern nor old-fashioned , with at most the drums a gehörigeren Punch to renounce the sterility , could do with more . As a guest Mosher also won the guitarist Chris Rifkin and on closer inspection the present volume the sound of the guitarist of EYE OF THE STORM is not so dissimilar . So if you feel a spherically -backed FATES WARNING or QUEENSRYCHE sound can imagine in some parallel universe , is not so wrong with his reasoning . Lovers of song by Scott Oliva likely already love the songs .


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