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MARK RUSSO 2 (Amazon, Fall 2014)

you will never read anything negative about scott mosher,scott oliva,alan smithee,< "or "OCEANS OF NIGHT"from my pen. "PROTEUS" (my band), and scott and companyare good friendsof ours on my space,facebook,or any other virtual space. scott has a great following out here ,there and everywhere,and i am proud to call them our buds.the truth about scott is before "OCEANS", he released 4 solo cd's.i own all of them,and have reviewed them in local papers,college papers,and amazon.scott was kind enough to put my review of "DOMAIN", his last masterpiece ,on his website. listen intently ,read and absorb the lyrical content and the messages.i say with pride that scott has become a big influence on me and those who i play his music for. scott is very approachable,ez to talk to and always leaves you with a slice of is as if we grew up together,thats how i believe i know him. .......MOVING ON..... impressive is too unbecoming of reality when i listen to scott oliva sing.he is a very special voice that takes the music an extra step or two.destiny has him inked in the "ROCK BIBLE". alan smithee is equally ,uniquely qualified as the rythm portion of this amazing band.and to finish name dropping JOEY "ROCK GOD" VERA performed his studio magic once again for "OCEANS"......WE ALL LOVE JOEY !!!!!!!! what i found so tantalizing on this cd as opposed to "DOMAIN", AND "THE SHADOWHEART MIRROR", is more vocal and instrumental effects,which simply draws you in.the song "THE BURNING SKY", is evidenced by this . scott,scott,and alan have truly found their groove on this cd ,unlocking,and exposing another peek at what will be forthcoming.. i hope scott will forgive me due to my begging him for more...... SO SORRY SCOTT,BUT I AM AN ADDICT......I LOVE YOUR MUSIC TOO....HA!!!!!!!!!!!! "MIDNIGHT RISING" is another addition to scotts prolific jigsaw puzzle. we want to see scott in buffalo and if possible i will make it happen.more buffalonians need to hear his amazing progressive metal, and true artists at their best. "PROTEUS" is 1/2 the way through our debut...."ADAPT AND CHANGE....OR REMAIN"scott and i designed our logo and cover is view simply go to fbmarkproteus........


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