VOICE // Vocals, Lyrics

APPEARANCES // "Siren" and "Distant" (upcoming release 2023), "Fallen Angel" (future release, TBD)     

DEROSNEC is a singer and multimedia artist in LA. With her unusually low voice and wide operatic vocal range, she makes music that pulls from many genres to create a moody and fresh sound. Her lyrics range from politics and philosophy to her own experience and feelings, and are unusually straightforward while being simultaneously laced with double meanings and word play.

Pablo Zuccalá

VOICE // Vocals

APPEARANCES // "Closer to the Edge" & "No Turning Back" (upcoming release 2023)   

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Pablo Zuccalá is a longtime rock and hard rock singer. Nowadays he is recording Selfish Fish’s second album, and adding finishing touches on the first album of an ambitious new band with Therion’s guitarist Christian Vidal and several well known musicians from the latin american rock scene.

April Rach

VOICE // Vocals, Lyrics

APPEARANCES // "Mindstorm" (upcoming release 2023)   

Rachelle ‘April Rach’ Bassili is an Akademia Award-winning, multi-genre vocalist/lyricist/collaborator with a focus on Rock and Metal. She is also the lead vocalist/frontwoman for LA-based Progressive Metal band Event Horizon and performed with them at the USA Wacken Metal Battle at The Viper Room. Additionally, she is a member of the underground Art NGO "Haven for Artists" and an accomplished poetic-prose writer. Aside from her artistic career, Rachelle also carries out music business projects as the Partnerships & Communication Manager of Aballoon and the Administrative Manager of the international group Everpresent.

Vivien Lalu

MUSIC // Keyboard solos

APPEARANCES // Midnight Rising CD (2014), "Servants of Shadow" (upcoming release 2023)   

Viv Lalu is a French composer, keyboard player, songwriter, and record producer. The son of Noelle and Michel Lalu, musicians from the ‘70s French progressive act Polène, he had a musical upbringing with his parents. Viv has released numerous recordings through an array of different bands and projects since 1997. He first became known for being the keyboard player and songwriter for Hubi Meisel from 2002 to 2005. He is better known for producing progressive metal records, in particular his own band LALU. He is featured on the songs 'Wherever You Are', 'The Haunted Mind', 'Midnight Rising' and 'A World Born of Fire'.

Jason Eric

VOICE // Vocals

APPEARANCES // "Here We Are" (future release TBA)   

Jason Eric is an accomplished musician with classical training. He began at 4 with piano and transitioned to guitar at 9. He double majored in music in college and studied vocal technique. From High School onward, Jason has been in dozens of bands and recorded and performed as both a vocalist and lead guitarist. His previous rock bands include The Whether, Fiction (with whom he's released two albums on all streaming platforms), and currently the LA-based metal band, Deadstar. In addition to his work in rock and metal, Jason has also scored films, written in the EDM and ambient genres and recorded instrumental jazz.

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