Oceans of Night - Mindstorm (2024))

MINDSTORM features music that affirms and builds upon what has come before... and continues along the path of the same atmospheric-laden progressive metal that has been established as its foundation. Perhaps heavier, certainly more progressive, but just as impactful and very possibly, even more dynamic. Continuing to evolve and progress with the addition of new vocalists Derosnec, April Rach, and Pablo Zuccalá, joining stalwart vocalist Scott Oliva, and a special guest appearance by keyboardist extraordinaire Vivien Lalu. As you prepare yourselves for a sonic journey in to the deeper realms of ambient progressive metal, and on the edge of a confluence of musical styles, you will be reminded that, at its core, Oceans of night is a progressive metal band.

  • Release date:Spring 2024

    Musicians:Scott Mosher - all music
    Scott Oliva - vocals on 'Before the Fall'
    Pablo Zuccalá - vocals on - vocals on 'No Turning Back' and 'Closer to the Edge'
    Nina 'Derosonec' Hirten - vocals on 'Siren' and 'Distant'
    April Rach - vocals on 'Mindstorm'
    Vivien Lalu - guest keyboard solo on 'New Dawn'
    Eric Stolz - production, engineering & mastering